Build a Safe Home for At-Risk Children from Ukraine

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Build a safe place for at-risk orphans and survivors of exploitation

We are working with a trustworthy aftercare group in Romania to remodel their aftercare home and finish building a second home. They already take care of several survivors of exploitation and trafficking. Soon, several at-risk children from an orphanage in Ukraine will be legally brought over. Your donations will allow these renovations and building plans to take place, enable this aftercare group to take care of current survivors, and continue to take in at-risk children and provide long term care.

War, instability, and displacement leads to increased exploitation of vulnerable people. With the recent invasion of Ukraine, our team has been on the ground at the border assessing and supporting children at high risk for exploitation. 

O.U.R.’s mission is to end human trafficking through prevention, direct intervention, and aftercare support. In line with our mission, our team is looking into ways we can support at-risk individuals in Ukraine both short term and long term. ⁠

Here is a message from O.U.R. Chief of Aftercare, Jessica Mass, explaining more about this project:

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The items shown are for the sole purpose of illustrating potential uses of contributions. Contributions will be used to further O.U.R.'s mission of rescuing children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that O.U.R. has complete control over the specific uses of all donated funds to accomplish its mission.​

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