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Fly an undercover O.U.R. Operator to an international operation. 

We work with law enforcement and host governments all over the world to conduct direct intervention operations and rescue children from sex trafficking. “Intervention is a necessity. They must not be forgotten. And each day that goes by, is another day they have to endure.” - undercover O.U.R. Operator

O.U.R. Operators are passionate about this fight and travel around the globe to find those in need.  Help operators get boots on the ground and bring freedom to victims of human trafficking.  

Why I Fight Against Human Trafficking - "I literally went home and I sold everything" 


The items shown are for the sole purpose of illustrating potential uses of contributions. Contributions will be used to further O.U.R.'s mission of rescuing children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that O.U.R. has complete control over the specific uses of all donated funds to accomplish its mission.​

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