10-mile Truck Pull

"The crisis of modern-day sex slavery does not need interested observers. It needs incurable fanatics." - Nefarious: Merchant of Souls (Human Trafficking Documentary)

Last October, Arlo Gagestein successfully pulled his truck for 10 miles across the Bonneville Salt Flats to raise $10,000 to help Operation Underground Railroad in the fight against child sex trafficking. Blown away by the support they received, Arlo and his support crew immediately began to wonder, "How can we involve even MORE people to make an even BIGGER impact?!" Well, here it is!

On October 23, 2021, we will be once again be pulling trucks across the desert. Our goal is to have up to 6 teams of 5 people, each pulling a truck 2 miles to accomplish their 10-mile goal. This will give us 30 people all working together to raise money for O.U.R.! We are setting an enormous financial goal, but we also believe that we can pull it off with your help. In addition to donations, if you are interested in joining a team to pull, or would like to help as a member of the support crew, email Arlo at arlogagestein1@gmail.com

HUGE thanks to the following people who have committed to pulling for (at least) 2 miles at our event! We will be adding more people to this list as we receive confirmation that they are in.

Arlo Gagestein

Scott Henry

Aimee Snyder

Nancy Eaves

Eric Young

Farrah Pliley

Lacey Barker

Sitka Howard

Brandon Johnson

Jacob South

Tyler Lunt

Reed Mackley

Thank you so much for considering joining the fight through a contribution to Operation Underground Railroad. We are extremely grateful!

From Arlo,

"The birth of my first child nearly 11 years ago drastically changed my life. Before children, the true depth to which we can love someone is simply unfathomable. That changes the second we take our first child in our arms. In addition to this deep, unconditional, incomparable love, every parent also knows how much having children flips life as we know it upside-down. Priorities shift 180 degrees, every decision now takes the new addition into account, and we become acutely aware how dependent and vulnerable children are.

This knowledge of this vulnerability has eaten at me. For years I have known of human trafficking, but have remained comfortable in my ignorance - disgusted at its existence, but scared to know more. Watching my own children grow the past few years, and realizing what easy targets kids are has begun to tug at my heart and soul. The devastating loss of a child is a parent's worst nightmare. The thought of losing one to sex trafficking is the most heartbreaking thing I can imagine.

As my family has grown, so has a deep sense of responsibility, not only to my own kids, but to children all over the world. The prevalence and magnitude of human trafficking is mind blowing. We are letting our children down. We need to do more. And for me, it starts now. I am stepping up. I am joining the fight."

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." - Mark 10:14

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Arlo Gagestein
Sep 17, 2021
Utah, United States

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Arlo Gagestein


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