2 Million Rep Challenge

OUR CrossFit is in the midst of their annual challenge, to reach two million total reps to represent the two million children affected by child sex trafficking. Donate today and perform the various workouts we created to raise awareness for those affected. For more information on how to Get Fit & Save Kids go to our web page! https://www.crossfitour2million.com/

Honor Roll


Tori Lowry
Dec 21, 2018
Utah, United States


Rosalind Chou
Dec 20, 2018
Georgia, United States


Dec 17, 2018
Utah, United States


Christopher Alberts
Dec 15, 2018
Georgia, United States


Brandan Lee
Dec 14, 2018
South Carolina, United States

2 Million Rep Challenge

5 donors
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Utah, United States


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