6th Annual Phoenix Rescue Run's Fundraiser

6th Annual Phoenix Rescue Run's Fundraiser

Join us for the 6th Annual Phoenix Rescue 5k, Kids, and Virtual Run! All proceeds benefit Operation Underground Railroad in their mission to rescue and rehabilitate children sold in trafficking.

Honor Roll


Chad Casper
Dec 13, 2021
Arizona, United States


Andrew Troicke
Dec 11, 2021
Arizona, United States


Dec 9, 2021
Alberta, Canada

“Thank you Amanda & to all those who are helping to make this imperative fundraiser happen.”


Sharon Harris
Dec 7, 2021
California, United States


Juan Prado
Nov 23, 2021
Arizona, United States

“Thank you for doing what you all do! It is inspiring and shows what ordinary people can do!”


Cynthia Dunn
Oct 5, 2021
Arizona, United States

“I'm so grateful for this organization and the work you do. Thank you!”


Taylor Proudfit
Sep 10, 2021
Arizona, United States

“I would like to be a gold sponsor for my business”


Kyle Gillespie
Aug 30, 2021
Arizona, United States


Joseph Galusha
Aug 28, 2021
Massachusetts, United States

“I would like to be a Platinum sponsor for my business.”


Matthew Herring
Aug 25, 2021
Arizona, United States


Jenni Black
Aug 17, 2021
Minnesota, United States

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Arizona, United States


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