Aftercare Needs in Africa

Aftercare Needs in Africa

To celebrate our 20 years of adventures together, Jerry and I are taking a few of the kids on an Aftercare trip to Africa. It has been my dream since I was a little girl to go there. As a family we have a goal to provide items that will uplift the children’s minds, bodies and souls! MIND: one of the young girls is wanting to start an engineering club at her school and would love LEGO type engineering sets the students ages11-18 could use to learn STEM principles. BODY: we want to take over some simple sport equipment and sturdy ball pumps for the kids to play with. SOUL: all kids love to see pictures of themselves and have some sort of record of their life. We want to take over a few high quality Polaroid cameras and film along with journaling supplies that the survivors can use to capture their amazing journey of recovery and thriving.

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