Alice's 4.0

Alice's 4.0

Dear Friends and Family,

My 30s has been an incredible decade full of blessings :

I have met and married the love of my life,

together we laughed, we argued, we created and we grew

and most importantly we were given the 2 most wonderful souls to guide and cherish.

As I hold Ines and Elsa in my arms and my heart,

my wish is for the all the children in the world to be happy and free.

In lieu of gifts this year, I am humbly asking you to donate instead to O.U.R who are fighting to rescue children and women from sex trafficking - which sadly is booming nowadays.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to a million more beautiful moments with you all.



Honor Roll


Suzanne Ly
Sep 22, 2019
California, United States


Stephanie Main
Sep 4, 2019
01, SG

“Encore un bel anniversaire! Plein de belles choses pour cette nouvelle decennie! 😘”


Eleonore Dachicourt
Sep 3, 2019
01, SG

“Coucou Alice, belle cause soutenue par une belle âme. Heureux Anniversaire”


Aug 30, 2019
04, SG


Erik Lheureux
Aug 30, 2019


Tuoanh Ly
Aug 29, 2019
01, SG


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Alice Vuibert


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