All of them Matter

All of them Matter

It’s Incredibly alarming to me how this human crisis of unseen proportions continues to be larger and larger than anyone ever knew that was not working in it.

We live in the time when trafficking and sacrifice of human life is close to “just another story”. But that’s the problem. It’s NOT.

We as humanity Have our priorities so upside down and issues backwards that we forget about the silent cries of suffering that is an unimaginable cry or scream.

I can’t seem to understand how this doesn’t make more people become unhinged, feeling helpless at times when they hear about it. But there are ways to help! I’ve followed this one since it began.

I’ve studied this issue for far too long and I knew I would start somehow to share it with others. And I did about 3 yrs ago almost once a week. Now it’s many times a day.

Many of us know we are in critical times when this can truly become eradicated best as humanly possible with the world around it and exposing it. But they need all the resources they can get.

I don’t want to see what the stats are this year, the same for next hear. Do you?

Every day. Everyone should want this EVIL eradicated from our world. For the little ones.

Please help me, help them, help rescue the lost children

Jaime Proudfoot.


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jaime proudfoot
Idaho, United States


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