Allen Pugmire's Fundraiser

This year I want to give back more than ever. Through connections and CrossFit I stumbled across a great thing, Operation Underground Railroad. I’ve had an opportunity to hear Tim Ballard (The Founder and CEO of O.U.R.) speak about his life mission to save those who are enslaved by Sex Trafficking. They have had a lot of success in saving and healing hundreds of lives. His Documentary Operation Toussaint” is now on Amazon Prime. If you want to see what they have already achieved. This year for my Birthday I want to help make a difference, and help save a few lives. I also want to give other people that same opportunity. Please donate and help fight the war on Sex Slavery.

Allen Pugmire

venmo: @allen_deus

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Jan 27, 2019
Utah, United States of America

Allen Pugmire's Fundraiser

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Allen Pugmire
Utah, United States of America


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