Allyston's O.U.R. Fundraiser

Allyston's O.U.R. Fundraiser

Operation Underground Railroad is an organization that rescues children all over the world from the human trafficking industry. Earlier this month, they announced the rescue of their 4,000th survivor since the Operation's founding in 2013. The work that O.U.R. has done in saving these children and helping them find healing and safety is truly inspirational, but it is only beginning. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, and your donation is crucial for the continuation of these rescue missions and for trafficking survivors to receive the resources that they need to heal and transition into the healthy, happy life that every child deserves.

For more information, visit their website at -

and/or watch the documentary "Operation Toussaint" at -

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Allyston Atwood
Aug 27, 2020
Ohio, United States


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Allyston Atwood


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