Amanda Zollner's Fundraiser

In a world full of horrors, I believe child/human trafficking is the worst. I struggle to understand the evils at play in these circumstances, and I thank God for men and women like those who run Operation Underground Railroad. It is men like Tim Ballard doing these heroic operations that keep me believing that there is still good in our world. Help me to help this amazing organization and give them a fighting chance at saving these innocent women and children. Don’t be blind to the horrors around you, instead speak out and join the fight!

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“Thank you so much for everything you are doing. You make this world a better place.”


Amanda Zollner
Aug 4, 2020
Washington, United States


Dyona Robson
Jul 29, 2020
Washington, United States

Amanda Zollner's Fundraiser

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Amanda Zollner
Washington, United States


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