Art Me Up - Let's #savethechildren

Art Me Up - Let's #savethechildren


That hashtag alone will lead you to see some of the most horrific atrocities happening right now under our noses. Yet, many are turning a blind eye.

Slavery still exists today... and it affects more people than ever in the history of the world. This modern day slavery is a monster that doesn't care where you come from, it devours humanity one person at a time. People of all ages, all ethnicities, all socioeconomic classes are a target.

Human trafficking has spread and touched every country in the world. Yet, the majority of the world seems to be silent about this appalling issue. But not YOU. No, you are different. You denounce the evil, but not only that, you show that you denounce it with your actions.

You support the work of organizations like O.U.R. by donating of your finances so that they may continue to save our children from trafficking. This is how we can do our part in ending human trafficking. We give of our resources. This is how we make a difference! Thank you for your donation... it's truly saving children's lives.

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