Authors For Freedom

Authors For Freedom

Authors for Freedom

Once upon a time authors joined O.U.R. quest to defeat child sex trafficking...

Buy a book from a contributing Author For Freedom on July 31, 2020, and they will donate their July 31st profits to Operation Underground Railroad!

Look for authors sharing the Authors For Freedom photo and banner. Authors and publishers interested in participating can fill out the form linked below.

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) exists to rescue children from sex-trafficking, provides aftercare, and provides training for law enforcement. Join the fight by reading an Author’s For Freedom book and learn more at

To the children

who we pray for daily, we say:

Your long night is coming to an end.

Hold on. We are on our way.

Link: Publishers and Authors wishing to participate click here


Deb Goodman, Author

Joanna Barker

Julie Matern

Jen Geigle Johnson

Heather B. Moore-"Steal My Heart"

Lorin Grace

Rebecca H. Jamison

Thriller Suspense

Brett Cain


Shannon Symonds, Author (Christian content)

E.B. Wheeler

General Fiction

Scarlette Pike

Brock Booher-The Charity Chip

Ferrell Hornsby - "If We're Breathing, We're Serving"

Christian Fiction

Chalon Linton

Young Adult

Julie L. Spencer's book: Combustion

Children's Books

Sarah Hadsell: "Pirates Love Pajamas"

Rebecca J. Carlson

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Theresa Pocock

Morgan J. Muir-"Amaranth Dawn (The Zyanya Cycle Book 1)"

True Story-Inspirational

Brandon Sulser and Kate Lee


Dr. Trina Boice

Marci McPhee - "Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids"

Jenny Rosengren’s Book: 1000 Categorized Positive and Negative Beliefs

Marsha Lavin - "Fifty-Five Days of Faith"

Julia B. Blake - "Girls' Camp: Ideas for Today's Leaders"

Micah Klug

Mark A. Amacher

John Starley Allen

Marilyn Green Faulkner-User-friendly Book of Mormon, User-friendly New Testament, User-friendly Old Testament

Kristen Reber—"Early Homecoming: A Resource for Early-Returned Missionaries, their Church Leaders, and Family"

Valiant K. Jones - The Covenant Path: Finding the Temple in the Book of Mormon

Marianne Monson-Frontier Grit

Honor Roll


Jean Hall
Jul 2, 2020
Ohio, United States


Heidi Fransen
Jun 26, 2020
Idaho, United States


Jun 26, 2020
Oregon, United States


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172 days left

Shannon Symonds
Oregon, United States


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