Bindi's Memorial Campaign for Child Trafficking Victims

In Memorial of my late puppy, Bindi, I am creating this campaign to donate to the child victims of trafficking.

Bindi didn't get to grow old and see all that this world has to offer. I only hope that with her passing I can make a difference for those who still have the beauty and true love of this world to experience.

This campaign will be ending on the same day I officially adopted Bindi one year ago.

She didn't get to grow up and these innocent children have been forced to grow up too soon.

What they all had and still have in common is the potential for a safe and peaceful future. I couldn't give that to Bindi so I hope to be able to help other kids feel and understand that they have a future and endless potential to make one for themselves.

Thank you so much for reading and please donate.

Aiyana Redwood

Honor Roll

“Thank you for creating such a beautiful tribute to Bindi that also makes a difference!”


Lori McDaniel
Jun 9, 2021
California, United States

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Bindi's Memorial Campaign for Child Trafficking Victims

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Bindi's Memorial Campaign


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