Books with Purpose

Books with Purpose

20 to 40 million people currently live in slavery. Over 60% are woman and children like Faith Donovan in Kill for You. Faith was kidnapped by a cartel gang at sixteen and held in captivity for five years before being rescued by Octavio Hernandez, a homicide detective. You can help rescue children like her by supporting Operation Underground Railroad. Not only do they directly rescue children living in slavery, they help ensure those responsible are prosecuted and convicted.

On March 17th, 100% of proceeds from Kill for You will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad. Post release day, Ayden K. Morgen will continue to donate 10% of all proceeds to OUR. You can help too. Donate directly to OUR via this page. You can also pick up a copy of Kill for You at major retailers.

Are you an author? Commit to donating a portion of proceeds from sales of your books too.

Together, we can help make a difference for those who need us most.

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