Branden Gridley's Fundraiser

Branden Gridley's Fundraiser

If you haven't caught on yet we are all caught in a war for our survival. Including our most precious young children. The race to remove the psychopathic parasites that continue to control this sick underworld just kicked into high gear. We can no longer keep allowing powerful and influential people to hide behind their fortunes and dictate the lives of the unfortunate. They continue to fund these terrorist organizations and even take part in the depravity. They and their associates go to great lengths to snatch thousands of people, including children off the streets at an alarming rate, and do everything they can to keep it secret. In recent hours the controllers at Facebook have banned #SaveTheChildren. There is a bigger Conspiracy happening, that human trafficking is linked to, so we at Truther~Intel are joining the fight to get to the very roots of these sick organizations and expose them. Like it or not, that’s the situation and all we patriots have to communicate and help each other is the Internet—as crazy as that sounds. If you can please donate to our efforts or to report any intel that will help save a child, or to spread truth & awareness about this most grave issue please visit

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Branden Gridley


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