Break the Chain Dallas Golf Classic

Break the Chain Dallas Golf Classic

We cordially invite you to be a sponsor, donor and/or participant for the Break the Chain Golf Classic on Monday, November 11, 2019 at the Dallas Athletic Club. 

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We are supporting the team of Operation Underground Railroad who have given their hearts and dedicated their lives to providing the greatest gift one can bestow on another – the simple dignity of freedom. Freedom from the worst conditions the worst of humanity can produce. We’re talking about child sex trafficking, the blight on humanity the world would prefer to ignore and relegate to the shadows.


When the world is silent, even one voice can be powerful.

                Let’s be one of those voices!

Children start to heal the moment they feel that they matter to someone. 

                Let’s be that someone!


Help make it possible for us to reach into the abyss of misery we can scarcely imagine and redeem a defenseless, vulnerable child. We need you. 


As the event leadership committee in Dallas, we are determined to raise funds annually for O.U.R., and have successfully held a gala event the last two years in the Dallas area. This year we are excited to put on a golf tournament. 


Why a golf tournament? Golf is a passion of many of our local supporters, and this allows us to spread our message and garner support for our mission. It does not matter whether you are a golfer or not. Your support will allow us to involve more players and increase our exposure.


You are capable of improving the human condition. Your carefully considered financial support can be part of the necessary foundation of a truly just and worthy endeavor. It is our fervent wish you will consider our request and say yes to contribute to this Dallas based fundraiser for Operation Underground Railroad.


We believe this type of service makes us all better human beings, and what better cause is there than saving an innocent life. Thank you for your consideration.

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