Break the Chain - Free the Children

Awesome! You're here! Thank you for visiting our fundraiser page. In case this subject is new to you, we've included a video and some links to help you learn.

Operation Underground Railroad has a vital mission to rescue and heal trafficked children. The reality of this situation is almost beyond comprehension. I am not surprised (nor would I blame you) if you're having a difficult time believing it's true.

But it is true. And there is a lot of information, videos and other materials available to satisfy your need to know and understand.

Millions of children are affected. Children caught in this awful trap are raped for money, dozens of times every day. That is their life. The perpetrators are people who generally look a lot like you and me.

Operation Underground Railroad is an amazing effective organization. They help thousands of children and their influence is growing. Today, they are training and equipping law enforcement throughout the United States and in many other places across the globe.

Please help by making a donation.

To learn more or to follow our efforts in support of Operation Underground Railroad, visit us on Facebook at

This O.U.R. video is also a good place to start:

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Matt Graham
Dec 3, 2019
California, United States


Jim Tinsley
Dec 2, 2019
Georgia, United States


Duane Jess
Nov 29, 2019
Utah, United States


Vaughn Hromiko
Nov 23, 2019
California, United States

Break the Chain - Free the Children

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