Brittney Jean Photography & Co. Inc's Fundraiser

Brittney Jean Photography & Co. Inc's Fundraiser

There are 2 million children sex slaves around the world, including in America. This industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry and has become the new modern day slavery. We must do something about this fastest growing criminal enterprise. We have to fight for children’s rights!

For each brand photography session booked this year, I will donate 5% of the proceeds to Operation Underground Railroad to help raise funds to save children from sex trafficking. Together we can make a difference!

If you feel compelled to donate to this organization through this link you can certainly do so.

Thank you for helping save the children of our future!

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Brittney Guy-Atakpo
Apr 29, 2021
California, United States

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Brittney Jean Photography & Co. Inc
California, United States


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