Building Impact Challenge

Building Impact Challenge

Building Impact Challenge

O.U.R Vision of a Free and Sustainable Planet

We are proud to partner with O.U.R. to create this unique opportunity for corporate businesses to donate to making a real impact in this world by saving a child's life. By launching your own energy and water conservation program you to can help the Planet through innovative advancements in energy savings technology and donate to this much needed cause!


We believe that every child deserves a life full of freedom and a healthy future Planet. If you

manage commercial, office, hotel, multi-family condo or manufacturing buildings in North America, we will give you the tools to launch your own energy savings program when you donate to Operation Underground Railroad.

Already have a energy conservation program in place? Great share your journey and energy savings and we will promote your success!

The Building Impact Challenge is normally $500 dollars and is yours FREE for donating to Operation Underground Railroad!

Go to to sign up after you donate and begin your energy and water conservation challenge today!

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Apr 19, 2019
Alberta, Canada


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