Rescue children from Sex Slavery

Millions of children are sex trafficked every year. This is something we have heard often but often left alone. The torture these children endure daily is unimaginable. They are left feeling abused, neglected, damaged and hopeless. O.U.R. is an organization that is fighting for the rescue of these children on the front lines. Their film “Operation Toussaint” is something every person needs to see. It provides real footage of what it is like for these men and women to save these children from these terrible people. To turn away from a tragedy like this would be a tragedy as well. We have the chance to help O.U.R. rescue these children. With your donation, you can be apart of helping these children escape this torture and bring them home to a safe haven. Your donation, support and prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Rescue children from Sex Slavery

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Casey Tennant
Texas, United States


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