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I've been signed up to volunteer for OUR for over a year and have failed greatly. I selected this video because Tim Ballard addresses a lot of good questions and never shy's away from controversy. I've listened to people parrot the same media that defends pedophiles and rapists say he's a religious fanatic along with his organization. While that's not true and OUR is not a religious organization; even if it was, people have made it sound like that's now worse than child rapists and child trafficking! No one wants to look at this reality and what is being done to children and the fact that it's been made into a partisan issue says it all really! Who is being protected? It's certainly not the children being protected and this is not even being talked about in the mainstream? Don't you even winter why? There are 30 million enslaved and 10 million are children! There are more people enslaved in the world at this moment than any other in history. The US is the biggest consumer of the 150 BILLION human and child trafficking industry! Look around you because it's everywhere. I strongly encourage everyone to please do the research and at least go take the free training provided on the OUR website to educate yourself. These children can't protest and have no choice other than our voice. Please donate if you can.

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Chanin Leo
Sep 5, 2021
New York, United States

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Chanin's Fundraiser

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Chanin Leo
New York, United States


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