Christina Kreitel O.U.R. Rings!

Christina Kreitel O.U.R. Rings!

It's simple. I am blessed. We are blessed. We take so much for granted and it's time we started giving back. Bringing light into the darkness. Hope to the hopeless. I want to be able to donate $5000 by the end of 2019 for all those who have been stripped of their freedom.

Honor Roll


Christina Kreitel
Sep 4, 2019
Utah, United States


Aug 30, 2019
Utah, United States


Monica Wakefield
Aug 30, 2019
Virginia, United States

“Finally able to start putting this money to this fundraiser now that all materials are paid for! Hoooooray for first donation!”


Christina Kreitel
Aug 29, 2019
Utah, United States


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Christina Kreitel


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