Corbridge Orthodontics Fundraiser

Corbridge Orthodontics Fundraiser

Corbridge Orthodontics is raising funds for O.U.R.'s aftercare program. With the funds received, Operation Underground Railroad will be able to provide vital technology in their after care homes in Austin, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Corbridge Orthodontics will match donations received, up to $2,500.

For additional information, please visit Corbridge Orthodontics Facebook page, using the link below.[0]=68.ARByh2YXQyDuk30yvvIoF3BSq7v5OwxyXipBrei1EMxJwmklo3Di8C3OPQJtZZjY_4jo4z7MSUQ5bw95t5fdXrbeTYb2lx1fWfjdarNt5L75xthG4Pgn9kDmHAwTl2nN1hkk2YoNxNaZyQHJ-ti46ucfHpLtmh3KCQ7eN6z_mVe_AVrPmJLwYMmUUUAiWHxmtU_IM3OYFbJ563NPNeahufFlRXYCSscgJC4LHsvGVtaWfqCmAFHyvdrC62jsw4uj9e1S5EuuTPg3qv_va4aBB6ebBjg0pF1w4XydePKjIiBz0JZM6WMdmlYMmTta15ff9oVMfw9jqcSoBdb5p_KJQ7WRlg&__tn__=-R

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“wish i could bring stuff in person!”


Rachel Adams
Feb 27, 2020
Utah, United States


Angela Taylor
Jan 22, 2020
Texas, United States


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Angela Taylor
Texas, United States


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