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Thank you for wanting to create a Your Rescue campaign to raise funds for Operation Underground Railroad.

Please be mindful, the following scenarios may prevent your campaign from being approved.

  • Do not post violent, graphic, frightening, sensational, or offensive images or wording to portray child trafficking or exploitation (i.e. photos of children in chains, children crying or sitting in dark corners).
  • Do not use any offensive, profane, or vulgar language.
  • Please use O.U.R. approved hashtags and phrases #OURrescue #EndHumanTrafficking #RiseUp #RiseUpForChildren #JoinTheFight
  • Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) does not condone conspiracy theories and is not affiliated with any conspiracy theory group in any way, shape, or form.
  • Do not use the phrases or hashtags "Save The Children" and "Save OUR Children" (The NGO Save The Children has been affected by the recent wave of these hashtags that pull the focus away from what they do. We want to respect their branding and not distract from the work they are doing for children in crises around the world.)
  • Do not post material that shames another political party or leader. O.U.R. also does not approve any campaigns that promote a specific political party or leader.
  • Do not post material that criticizes law enforcement, judicial figures, or federal agencies. Although we are aware there are areas of improvement, and we have strong ties with amazing officers and agents in our own country and many others. We do not want to spark controversy. 
  • Provide factual information and actionable ways for people to contribute their voices and efforts toward protecting and rescuing exploited children.
  • The Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) name may not be used in the title of your campaign unless accompanied by supportive working (example: "XYZ Campaign Benefitting O.U.R.").
  • Threats of violence or death will not be approved.