CrossFit Girls Night Out

CrossFit Girls Night Out

This is a free event for all ladies 16+ held at CrossFit O.U.R. in Draper at 7:00P on September 1st. Click HERE to register. We will introduce Operation Underground Railroad and share how YOU can help! After our introduction, we will start a 30 min. activity or lecture! Then, we will take a minute to introduce ourselves and share what we do! Please bring 30 business cards to share with everyone (only if you want), we want to help YOU ladies grow connections! Finally, we will end with our raffle prizes! For every dollar you donate to our CrossFit Girls Night Out (GNO) fundraiser, you will receive one raffle ticket at the event. Prizes will include gift baskets from various supporting local businesses. We appreciate all donations to the cause and look forward to a fun girls night with you! 

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CrossFit O.U.R.
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