Daniel Burgdorf's Fundraiser

Daniel Burgdorf's Fundraiser

Hello, my name is Daniel Burgdorf, a minister in beautiful Sacramento California. I recently moved back to the Sacramento after living in Los Angeles where I became well aware of the active sex trade and the abuse of children both online and in the massage parlor and adult entertainment industry. I became very distressed about it and heard from a friend about this Association of wonderful men and women who risk their lives to arrest and expose the sex trade and abuse of these children who are forced to engage in sexual activity and essentially slavery as young children and are grossly exploited. I intend to inform local law enforcement both Federal, Statewide and local as well as city council and local lobbyist here in the Sacramento area about this cause and bring it to their attention and try to raise money for the Underground Railroad project so that we can raise money and awareness to end human sex trafficking of these young children as well as reduce underage pornography being so readily available online. I encourage all of you to contact your local FBI office and tell them to have stricter enforcement on child pronography that's available over the internet as well as tighten up on the availability of prostitution and sex slavery that goes on over the Internet because I have made reports myself about sex trafficking on pornography that goes on on the internet without anything ever being done about it by the FBI. I appreciate everything you do and I appreciate your support and may God bless you and everything that you do. Remember you have been given Authority by God to trample on snakes and scorpions and over all power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means harm you. May the Lord bless you, and keep you, and make his face shine upon you, make his countenance shine upon you and give you peace. In Jesus mighty name amen! Your friend and brother in Christ, Daniel Burgdorf.

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Daniel Burgdorf
Jan 4, 2020
California, United States


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Daniel Burgdorf
California, United States


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