12 Days of Nuggets

12 Days of Nuggets

Over 30 Educators Joining Forces for an Incredible Cause

Starting on Monday, Dec 9th and concluding Friday, Dec 20th the Entourage team and I will be hosting the 12 Days of Nuggets charitable event.

The 12 Days of Nuggets represents our commitment to raising awareness about Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that is fighting to end human trafficking, especially among children of all ages.

Through this organization’s relentless efforts, over 3000 kids to date, have been rescued from unimaginable conditions here in the US and in several foreign countries. 

O.U.R also assists with placing these rescued children into specialized places of care dedicated to providing recovery (emotional) and rehabilitative (physical) programs, in order to give these children, the best possible chance of putting the horrors that they have endured behind them.

We know that entrepreneurs love content, especially bite size nuggets of actionable content that they can use to improve their businesses right away. 

By creating small and shareable bite size pieces of content, we believe that we can raise awareness of O.U.R through the sharing of that content and from the good will that content creates.

We will be releasing several nuggets each day, driving traffic to the main Days of Nuggets site to raise awareness about the evil that is human trafficking and the legion of children suffering because of it.

Some of the biggest thought leaders and influencers in our industry have agreed to share their VERY BEST NUGGETS (tips, insights, proven strategies), in ‘nugget-sized’ videos that are going to help to make true “move-the-needle” impacts on your Amazon business, whether you are a newbie, or an old warrior in the Amazon marketplace.

Words can’t really express how blessed I feel and how excited I am, to be working with these individuals in such a meaningful project, that will provide you with actionable content to help you grow your business, and help children in the US and several foreign countries to be rescued from unimaginable circumstances.

Our goal for the 12 Days of Nuggets charitable event is raise over $1,000,000 and MASSIVE AWARENESS!

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Days of Nuggets
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