Dolores Ruiz Fundraiser

Dolores Ruiz Fundraiser

Please help in the fight against human trafficking (modern day slavery). This is a very real & serious crisis throughout the world. I know this is a touchy subject that not many want to discuss & might turn a blind eye to. It's nefarious, devastating, & heartbreaking, but we need to be a voice for the voiceless. As a society we need to join together & fight this ferocious monster!!!! Become an abolitionist today, thank you.



Jul 30, 2021
Florida, US

“Every little bit helps!”


Emma Padilla
Jun 8, 2021
Florida, US

“God save everyone from this evil!”


Emma Padilla
May 28, 2021
Florida, US

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3 donors
282 days left

Fundraiser created by
Dolores Ruiz
Florida, United States


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