#doRUN Gold Coast

#doRUN Gold Coast

Running for OURSELVES & O.U.R creates an unbreakable positive feedback loop.


Join us for an easy 5km run on the sunny Gold Coast, channel our positive energy into our legs, and support the foundation to end child trafficking and child slavery.

When: July 26th

Time: 7am

Where: Kurrawa Park, Gold Coast

Gift to O.U.R: We would like to inspire you to gift $10 to O.U.R for #doRUN. If you feel inspired to contribute more, of course, go ahead! **Please note the donation page is in USD**

Background Story:

Our first #doRUN began in Sydney, May 2019 as a social media generated catch up before a large event.

A group of people, with varying levels of fitness and running backgrounds - many strangers to each other - met in the early morning and took in the city sights while striding one foot in front of the other.

The run connected new friends, and inspired those who thought they 'couldn't do it' to achieve a new goal (and do it with a smile on their face and new friends at the end!).

With our second #doRUN, we're turning the feedback loop of positivity even higher up!

Running for ourselves and the physical and mental benefits we receive from running, for connection with like-minded people in a healthy environment, and for a foundation who work tirelessly to evolve the world into a better place for our children.

If you have legs, you're a runner.

See you in July for #doRUN on the Gold Coast.

Alice Nicholls


Happy Human

doTERRA Founder Australia

Honor Roll


Jun 4, 2019

“for Quinny, Mackie, and all the girls who should be safe + free”


Jun 5, 2019


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alice nicholls


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