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What’s behind this photo has deep meaning for me. 

It started 10 years ago when I found myself in the middle of Port Au Prince Haiti just a few days after the earthquake.The country had lost over 250,000 thousand brothers, sisters, parents, siblings and friends. This is a people that had nothing and lost everything. I arrived with no plan, no strategy, but a desire to help uplift others and try in some small way to make a difference.

What happened next changed my life.

A few days earlier I was sitting in a comfortable restaurant planning strategy of how to take my advertising agency to another level. I looked up at the TV in the restaurant and saw the heartbreaking news that Haiti had experienced a devastating earthquake and the death toll climbed to unknown numbers. I was around like minded caring individuals and we thought, we had to do something.

A few days later I found myself in Haiti. I walked up to an orphanage that was devastated and began the effort of evacuating children for fear of more earthquakes, more death, and especially the lack of food and water that had been completely cut off. We had to get them out but didn’t know how. With the help of incredible people, we found the resources, we made communications, we arranged anything we could and evacuate 86 orphans to the airport where the US Airforce flew them out of the country. I carried 2 children that were covered in urine on my lap on a old bus. The children, however, were smiling. They were being cared for, that started to sing…I started to cry uncontrollably. 

I knew my life would never be the same. A few weeks later, I met a man that changed me. His family name was Mardy, as a pastor of his congregation, we called him Bishop Marty. His son had been kidnapped and sold. I spend time in Bishop Marty’s orphanage in the most humble circumstances I have ever seen, yet this man was changing lives. I talked with he and his wife in his “living room” and was so inspired by how he was helping other children when his child was gone. I will never forget that experience. 

Tim Ballard, founder of OUR Rescue met this same man a few years later and was so inspired by his story that he made it his life’s mission to find his son Gardy. In the meantime, he and his team have rescued thousands of children from sex trafficking and slavery. Yes Slavery is alive and well more today than ever before. 

So when I look at this photo and their effort to find Gardy, and just as important, rescue as many children as possible from sex trafficking, I think of where it began in a small village above the hills of Port Au Prince Haiti and an incredible man I know as Bishop Marty.

My goal this year is to up my level of support that for them and raise $1 million dollars for this organization by the end of the year. Please look into them and learn their story and you too will be forever changed.

Thank you OURrescue for changing lives. 

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“end slavery now.”


Rachel Hamilton
Mar 25, 2020
Utah, United States

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Erik Sorenson
Utah, United States


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