Escape with KK - Rescue

My dear friends... Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising site.

I believe OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (O.U.R) carry out THE most important and difficult missions in our global society today.

(O.U.R) is a rescue mission organization that ceaselessly work hard to hunt down and arrest human traffickers worldwide.

Rescuing from infants to young vulnerable adults, out of the hands of human traffickers and sick individuals.

I know you came here today because your heart breaks like mine and realising that this is happening within our society is a total shock. But its true...

Its a multi billion (satanic driven) industry thats gotten out of control and MUST be stopped in its tracks today. 

And so it’s with this in mind that I ask you kindly to help O.U.R team to do just that.

OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD not only rescue the vulnerable but also provides an aftercare program to the rescued victims. Helping them in every way necessary… to heal and develop healthy positive lives.

Please, join me in supporting this aspect of O.U.R mission. We need funds to carry out these after care programs… And please be rest assured that every contribution, big or small, will be received with much gratitude, going directly to helping this important cause.

Thank you for listening and may God protect and save these children and bless humanity!

Honor Roll

“Thank you!”


Marijane Camilleri
Apr 17, 2021
New York, United States

“keep up the big fight KK you are a game changer x kak x”


K Knight
Apr 3, 2021

“My ongoing support and prayers stands with OUR mission.”


Carole R. Thompson
May 14, 2020
Illes Balears, Spain

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Escape with KK - Rescue

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