UPDATE: 3/25

With the COVID-19 shutdowns, it's obvious I am tabeling this years fundraiser until further notice- the silent auction will be rescheduled and we will try, try again! Please in these moments of uncertainty and inconvenience use the opportunity to consider those whose freedoms are under constant restriction. Take some of your free time to imagine the feelings they are surly experiencing- feeling forgotten even more so now while we are even more involved in our own safety. I can not help but imagine if the entire world took a moment to work together and focus on slavery the way we have been forced to take a moment to focus on a virus- what real freedom might look like.

Be well, be happy, be considerate and be safe.

See you in June <3

Hello friends, family and community members!

Welcome to the online arm of my 2020 Birthday Fundraising Campaign. 

As many of you know each year I pick a charity and rally every soul I can get to listen -throw a big party for the benefit of a cause I feel needs more attention in my community. This year I have selected the worthy organization; Operation Underground Railroad as the benefactor of all of your loving support and have dedicated the event to help fight human trafficking.

I have selected this cause the fight to end human trafficking; because I am so grateful for my own freedom and believe the absolute worst scenario for a human being is to be stripped of the basic human right of freedom. I believe the freedom to govern ones own actions and choices and whereabouts is a defining pillar to being a human. 

The abolishment of slavery in 1865 in the United States did little more than institute laws to prevent slaves from being held openly and seize the operation of slave ships. The institution unfortunately, is alive and well. In my home state of Florida- it's big business- Florida according to world statistics ranks third in the United States behind only Texas and California as a destination for this deprived behavior.

The team at O.U.R. is doing the good and taxing work of reaching into the darkest corners to rescue the most vulnerable of victims- children. They not only rescue these victims but they also ensure aftercare is provided to not only heal and rehabilitate but to prevent victims from backsliding due to circumstance. They then go to bat to fight for sticking prosecution and permanent labeling of pedophiles & known traffickers.

Please take a moment to learn about this organization and others like them. If you feel moved as I have, please make a donation to help them to do this work and to help the 27 million people in slavery today.

If you are local- please mark your calendar's and join me for the silent auction on March 26th at the Florida Keys Brewing co. There will be live music, a presentation of information, games and shenanigans as well as beer of course in addition to an epic auction. Can't wait to see you all!

All my love and gratitude-


Honor Roll

“Happy Birthday! You make me so proud! Love you!”


Janet Colpo
Mar 13, 2020
New York, United States


Fran Bowman
Feb 27, 2020
New York, United States


Don Tait
Feb 26, 2020
North Carolina, United States


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