Evo Fit Fasting Fundraiser

Evo Fit Fasting Fundraiser

Join EVO FIT on a 24-48 hour water fast with the purpose of raising $5,000 for Operation Underground Railroad.

Fasting is a helpful practice to help one's physical, mental and spiritual well-being. At the 48 hour mark of fasting, "cellular apoptosis" peaks, or the body's own cleaning system that selectively destroys damaged and harmful cells. Fasting is also a great way to unplug from the dopamine rush of modern society in the form of food (and you can also fast from technology in this time as you can or like).

There are two suggested levels to this fast:

24 hours = $15+ donation

48 hours = $25+ donation

This fast is not for children under 12 and if you have any concerns, please consult with your doctor, but this length of fast is performed by thousands worldwide, such as the "30 hour famine".

Finally, moderate to strenuous exercise is NOT recommended during this time of fasting, so treat this is a "de-load" from the hard workouts you've been putting in.

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Joel Smith
Ohio, United States


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