Freedom Flyers

We are calling on all pilots, flight schools, aviation based businesses and entire communities to participate in our Flight for Freedom of March 4th, 2020. We will be landing at every public airport in Utah within 24 hours to raise awareness for Operation Underground Railroad's mission to free our brothers and sisters from modern-day slavery and sex trafficking. Early in the morning we will take off from Logan and finish our long day of flying down in St. George.


There are many ways to participate. We need help in the following ways:


1) Pilots. We need aviators to fly with us. There is strength in numbers and we are looking for aviators to join with us in flying all or at least a portion of our flight plan. For those looking to fly a smaller portion of the flight plan, we are forming teams that will fly certain legs and pass along a baton. By involving more pilots, we are hoping to raise more awareness within the aviation community and on social media by posting about their journey to land at every airport in Utah within 24 hours.


2) Volunteers. We need help from volunteers in contacting businesses, news outlets and community leaders from each city to help build awareness around our cause and direct people to


3) Donations. Ultimately, our flying is meant to build awareness for O.U.R.'s cause to end sex trafficking. By donating or sponsoring a pilot or landing, we can reach our goal to give freedom fighters the resources that they need to bring home those who have been stolen from us.


If this event or cause inspires you in anyway, contact Dallan Wortham at to learn more.


This event is dependent upon weather and external factors and may be subject to rescheduling or cancellation. We expect all pilots to assure that they are proficient, current and fit to fly along with their aircrafts being airworthy before participating in anyway.

Honor Roll


Alex Knowlton
Mar 5, 2020
Utah, United States

“Congratulations! What a fantastic organization and cause.”


TeJay Rasband
Mar 5, 2020
Utah, United States

“this is so cool”


Wesley Curtin
Mar 4, 2020
Utah, United States


Mar 3, 2020
Georgia, United States


Deborah Johnston
Mar 1, 2020
Georgia, United States


Feb 29, 2020
Utah, United States


Lorene Moore
Feb 27, 2020
Utah, United States

“I would love to fly with you if I can get back from GA in time!”


Brian Wortham
Feb 24, 2020
Utah, United States


David Popp
Jan 8, 2020
Georgia, United States

“This is such an important mission. I am happy to donate and wish I could do more.”


Tyler Hendry
Dec 17, 2019
California, United States


Shawn Worthan
Dec 16, 2019
Arizona, United States

Freedom Flyers

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