Freedom for the Children - Jacksonville

Freedom for the Children - Jacksonville

The Facts:

There are 30 million slaves in this world today.

10 million of those are children.

Every 30 seconds a child is stolen for slave labor, sex trafficking, or organ harvesting.

In the United States every year 800,000 children go missing every year.

Human trafficking is not a conspiracy. In fact is is something that is happening right in our own communities..even in our own neighborhoods.

This would be a louder issues if the victims of trafficking could fight for themselves, but until they are freed we will be their voice.

We are going to get LOUD in Jacksonville (peacefully of course) to raise awareness and shed the light on this extremely dark reality.

Please bring your bold, beautiful signs and your voice

And above all SHARE SHARE SHARE!

This will be a family friendly event and encourage families to come banned together. We are creating a safer world for the younger generations and those to come. Their little voices are a huge part in this. 💛

Bring your children and walk with yellow and blue balloons (details below)! Please DO NOT release the balloons or organize a group balloon release, remember that deflated balloons become litter.

Please follow COVID-19 protocol set by your local government leaders.

Check the weather before you go! Bring water, sunscreen, and be mindful that there may not be public restrooms available.

Love & Light to you all!

Saturday, August 22nd

11AM - 1PM

St. Johns Town Center

4663 River City Dr.

Jacksonville, FL 32246


Honor Roll

“thank yiu for doing this. this is an outstanding organization.”


Teresa Moore
Aug 19, 2020
South Carolina, United States


Jayne & Charlie Machurick
Aug 17, 2020
Florida, United States


Helen Butler
Aug 17, 2020
Florida, United States


Julie Cooper
Aug 11, 2020
Florida, United States


amy empett
Aug 11, 2020
Utah, United States


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