Giving back through health & wellness

Giving back through health & wellness
I am currently a part of the Wasatch Back Volunteer Team that covers Summit & Wasatch County, Utah. I came to know Tim Ballard and learned about O.U.R. last fall when my husband and I got to spend a week with Tim on an American Covenant Tour. It was the most amazing experience! We enjoyed a week packed full of American History, walked several miles each day and stood where many of our forefathers stood. The experience was so surreal! We learned so much and gained a whole new appreciation for our founding forefathers. We also had to great privilege of hearing Tim talk about O.U.R., the story of how he came to start O.U.R., the process of adopting his kids, and we were lit up! As soon as we returned home we signed up as volunteers. We can't think of a better organization to get behind! I am currently a health & wellness associate for ID Life and I am working to build my business. IDLife is a health and wellness company that focuses on customized nutrition, otherwise know as "Individually Designed Life". The IDLife Experience begins by completing a free, (HIPAA compliant) confidential health assessment. Your answers will generate a report with scientifically backed supplement recommendations, creating your very own customized vitamin program. This assessment is available to view even if no purchase is made. We also offer completely natural and organic hydration & energy drink mixes, protein shakes, pre & post workout supplements and much more. I have been using the IDExperience for the past year and I feel awesome! Aside for being down almost 20 pounds, my daily chronic headaches are gone, my energy levels are way up, I am able to get through my day to day to-do's without fatigue, and I just feel so much better overall. Because of my own personal results, I want to share with everyone I know about this amazing company and how it has helped thousands of other individuals. I want to help contribute to O.U.R. by: 1) Donating $2 (of my own money) to OUR for every person that takes the free assessment, even if they do not purchase anything. 2) Donating 15% of my sales from ANY order made via my website or through me personally, no matter the dollar amount spent. This is just the beginning. If all goes well I plan to expand on my campaign. Feel free to visit my website at and see what IDLife is all about. I absolutely love what O.U.R. does, what they stand for, how they are helping rescue children all over the world and help provide them with a life they deserve to have. I feel like it is important to do what I can to help contribute. IDLife has a large network of people that love to give back. The founder and CEO of IDLife is also passionate about helping out non-profits and I would love to introduce him to O.U.R. My goal is to be able to donate much more than my initial donation goal and make donating to O.U.R. a permanent part of my business. Thanks for taking the time to explore my campaign! Find us on Facebook: At Summit Valley Nutrition On Instagram: @summitvalleynutrition My official website is:

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Tana Forman
Utah, United States of America


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