When I first heard about Operation Underground Railroad it was from a friend who shared the Operation Toussaint documentary with me. I have known that there was such a thing as child trafficking taking place, and the social media posts I was reading day in and day out showed that it was a growing concern in our communities. After watching the documentary I had a deep sense of responsibility to help these children.

Allen and I started Gold Crown Tournaments in January of 2020. When we founded the company, we made a decision that we would actively donate to O.U.R. Then, we got hit by the Covid-19 lockdowns just as our first tournaments were scheduled. We were frustrated and didn't really know how our dream company would even really become a company at all with the lockdowns in place. In August the restrictions were lifted, and we had our first event. At that event we raised almost $700 for O.U.R. with our Pickle Jars as people entered the baseball park. By the end of the season we were able to donate $2250.

I often tell people that I can not imagine getting to the Throne of Heaven, looking at my God and having to answer for my inaction. I can not stand the thought of that disappointment I would feel towards myself. I know there are children being trafficked, and I am driven to do all I can to help save them from the abuse and despair they experience 24/7. No one to protect them. No one to advocate for them. No one to meet the very basic needs that every human has for food, shelter, clothes, love, and education. Instead their lives are filled with the most horrific, unimaginable abuse- every single day all day long, and every single night all night long.

GCT's goal each year is to fully fund an O.U.R. Operation to rescue children. Please help us reach this goal, and save these kids from the horrors that they endure. Help this organization hold the people accountable who commit these crimes against these children so that other children are safe. Research this organization, find out how they save these kids, and take action.

We are so incredibly thankful that we have this platform to speak out and raise money for O.U.R. We hope that you will prayerfully consider your donation, and pray for the safety and rescue of these kiddos. I truly believe that together we can save our children!

~Allen & Bethany Stallings

Owners of Gold Crown Tournaments Company

James 1:27


“with love from The Vibtage Piglet”


Kayla Rodriguez
May 9, 2023
Texas, US


Bethany Stallings
Apr 26, 2023
Texas, US

“Vendor Donations : 2.25-26.23”


Bethany Stallings
Mar 8, 2023
Texas, US


Bethany Stallings
Jan 18, 2023
Texas, US

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