Sun Gone Nova Coloring Book Fundraiser

Buy Sun Gone Nova on Amazon then come back here to see how much we're raising to help Operation Underground Railroad end child trafficking.

Have you ever wanted to make a real difference in the world? Me too. That's why I created this fundraiser, so together we can help end modern day slavery.

It felt like gravity in my heart when I decided to donate 100% of the royalties from my 10th anniversary Sun Gone Nova cartoon coloring book to Operation Underground Railroad. Who needs our help more than these children?

Modern-day slavery and human trafficking are very real. Human trafficking is one of the most horrific sides of humanity and it must end. Children are being sold for sex, labor and organ harvesting right now. It is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world.

Please help stop these criminals from destroying more lives and help lend support to the rescued survivors by supporting Operation Underground Railroad with me, right now.

On top of donating 100% of all royalties from my new Sun Gone Nova coloring book, I've created this fundraiser so you can see how much we're raising from each book sale and you can come back to donate even more, right here, anytime.

I want you to follow this link RIGHT NOW to purchase the Sun Gone Nova coloring book on Amazon and share your coloring creations on social media with the hashtags #SGN4OUR

Thank you!

You can also watch Operation Toussaint here on Amazon Prime.

Honor Roll


Darrell Hills
Jul 27, 2021
Kansas, United States

“100% of this donation is from sales of the Sun Gone Nava coloring book. Thank you!”


H. Evie Ryland
Oct 30, 2020
California, United States

“Thank you to all the heroes at O.U.R. for all that you do!”


H Ryland
Jul 28, 2020
California, United States

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Sun Gone Nova Coloring Book Fundraiser

15 donors
103 days left

H. Evie Ryland
California, United States


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