Help Me Stop Child Sex Trafficking!

Please help me stop the sex trafficking of children! I've recently become an avid supporter of Operation Underground Railroad. There aren't adequate words to express my deep appreciation for the good they do and the lives they have saved, and continue to save. Child sex trafficking, and human trafficking of any sort is a sick plague that is spread all over the world. It victimizes innocent children who are pleading to God every day to be rescued. Every 30 seconds a child is raped by an adult while being filmed, and then those films are sold. Please help rescue these children! Imagine being in their shoes.

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Scott Tucker
Mar 11, 2020
Utah, United States

“love this”


Cindy Sage
Mar 11, 2020
Utah, United States

Help Me Stop Child Sex Trafficking!

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Staleena Tucker
Utah, United States


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