Holly Moreno's Fundraiser

Holly Moreno's Fundraiser

I found this organization recently and ever since I have not been able to get them off of my mind. With everything going on in our world right now, so many of us feel a total lack of control about so many things. The ONLY thing we CAN control is ourselves. How we treat others. How we treat ourselves. What information we allow into our brains and who we allow into our lives. I decided I wanted to replace some of this negativity that I've been absorbing with a little good for someone else. In this case, for these children who cannot speak for themselves. They need someone to fight for them, to save them, to bring them home and to seek justice and take down those who are the absolute worst kind of humans. I am donating 100% of my tip income earned this week to OUR, and have also started receiving donations to my personal accounts. This will be an even easier way to donate! Please consider a donation to this worthy cause, or at least read up on what they do and share!

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Holly Moreno
Aug 1, 2020
Florida, United States


Amanda Guzman
Jul 28, 2020
California, United States


Jul 28, 2020
Florida, United States


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Holly Moreno


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