Jamie North's Fundraiser

As I sit here trying to find the right words to express how important I think this cause is and how donations of any amount would help this organization in their fight to rescue these children.. I find myself asking how I could possibly find the right words for such a horrible act?!

We all have young children in our lives, whether it be children/grandchildren of our own, siblings, nieces/nephews or cousins and just imagine any of them being in the shoes of one of these thousands of children that get abducted and trafficked on a daily basis. Put yourself in the shoes of any of these parents who have no clue where their child could be and having to wake up every single day to live that nightmare over and over again.

This has become an epidemic that is happening right here in our own back yard. We hear or read about it almost daily from news broadcasts or social media platforms. And though we can't all be the heroes knocking down the doors to bring these kids to safety, we can help those that do by donating to this amazing cause, and providing them with the resources to continue this fight.

We need to be the voice for these children by any means possible!!

So for the month January (my birthday month) I am asking please if you are able to donate towards this cause, any small amount helps and it would be the best gift I could ever receive. I greatly appreciate anything you are able to put forth.

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Jamie North's Fundraiser

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Jamie North
Utah, United States


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