“Jimmy Dyce” Hero WOD

CrossFit Nation and all my Warrior Friends that would do Anything to Protect a Child. Jimmy Dyce is a CrossFit Hero WOD named after my nephew SGT. James Fordyce USMC who was killed on February 17 2006 along with 9 other Marine Brothers. Every year since I/We have done something a bit crazy to honor and remember them. Since 2014 Brian Quinlin of CrossFit Explode created a brutal WOD that we do every year as a Fitness Family and push ourselves way beyond our limits. There have been close to 50 different gyms that participate from Philadelphia to Hawaii! A few years we raised a little money for different Military organizations and one year we raised money for a Marine who was returning home from deployment to his family and expecting wife. A few years ago I heard something about this human trafficking thing that I had no idea about. Since then it had kept coming up and God keeps putting it in front of me. Last year I stumbled across Operation Underground Railroad www.ourrescue.org and it instantly grabbed me and I knew I had to do something to be part of their Mission. (See Video). I also know this is something that Jimmy and his brothers would have loved to have been a part of. Human sex trafficking is a huge international business that generates billions in revenue for very high level and well funded criminals and they need TO BE STOPPED NOW‼️ The goal is to raise at least $5,000 which will rescue 2 kids who are being sold as sex slaves. Whether you are going to be involved in the workout or not please share this page and give what you can. This has now become a big problem in the United States and here locally in the Philadelphia suburbs. Sometimes the kids are kidnapped and taken overseas never to be seen again and sometimes they are just manipulated and brainwashed and no one ever knows. Let’s Do This Together...... Let’s Save Kids From Sex Slavery 🙏👊

Thank you..... Love Ed Fordyce

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Honor Roll


Skye Michiels
Feb 20, 2020
Pennsylvania, United States


Ed Fordyce
Feb 12, 2020
Pennsylvania, United States


Shawn Connors
Feb 11, 2020
Pennsylvania, United States


Feb 10, 2020
Pennsylvania, United States

“Jimmy Dyce”


Ed Fordyce
Feb 10, 2020
Pennsylvania, United States

“Jimmy Dyce” Hero WOD

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