#JoinTheFight Sacramento Volunteer Team

We are a team of volunteer warriors who represent and support Operation Underground Railroad's efforts to fight child trafficking. This is an ongoing fundraiser that the Sacramento/NorCal Region team has created to collect donations that are solely for O.U.R. so they can continue their good work in ending human trafficking around the world. O.U.R. exists to end child trafficking and conducts operations with local law enforcement, aftercare, prevention, internet safety and other important domestic and international campaigns. Please join us in this fight and help us to bring light and hope to children who have experienced such a darkness that no child deserves.

Honor Roll

“Jillian Sumner thank you for fighting for this important cause! #SaveTheChildren”


Sharleta Bassett
Mar 17, 2021
California, United States

#JoinTheFight Sacramento Volunteer Team

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Sacramento Volunteer Team


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