KatzRosal Fundraising For Hope & Freedom

Hello Beautiful Human,

It's amazing how a kind human heart is sometimes all one person need to be less vulnerable to the cruelty that exist in this world.

As questionable as it may sometimes appear, you and I are VERY VERY LUCKY.

I am very lucky that I am on this side of the computer asking people to help those who are in need, and you are lucky being able to read this knowing HOPE is on the way if that's what you need or that you can help GIVE HOPE to someone who is in dire need.

I ask nothing nothing more than your time or that extra cash you might have; perhaps both!

Imagine giving up a cup of Starbucks and putting it towards this fundraiser.

That would be one HECK of a caffeine kick knowing that you just contributed get someone the help they need.

Imagine giving up a candy bar and putting it towards this fundraiser.

Nothing can come sweeter than having that feeling of contributing to help save someone's life. Someone who could have been a prior schoolmate, a neighbor, a friend's child, even someone really close to you.

What about a quick post or share, a like to raise awareness. Who knows, someone you needed to see this. Perhaps that person is able to help and all thanks to you because it was through your effort.

Any donation makes a difference. It all ADDS UP.

Would you like to be part of something bigger than you and I?

Please help me raise awareness.


Katz Rosal

Honor Roll


Aug 15, 2020
California, United States


Laurie Kaplan
Mar 20, 2020
California, United States


Mar 20, 2020
California, United States

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KatzRosal Fundraising For Hope & Freedom

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Katz Rosal


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