Kids Standing Up For Kids

FROM WARRIN (AGE 6): "Hi, my name is Warrin. I want you to know that there are children, like me, in slavery today, and they need YOU and me to help rescue them. It takes a lot of money for helping them get out of slavery and get care after, so we are trying to spread the word to be good friends to those children in slavery.

>>Who are we helping? 

Children in slavery and who are being sold. A lot of them are girls but some of them are boys like me too.

>>Why is it important? 

It is important that they are freed and have good parents. All kids deserve to play and be happy.

>>What do you need money for? 

To help them to be happy ? and free. They need to pay the guys who rescue them and help them find doctors who can help them be happy again.

>>Why is child or human slavery wrong?

Liberty and justice for all is the foundation of America and those children deserve to be free. (Yes, Warrin actually said that on his own <3)

>>Why don’t people know about it? 

People don’t talk about it and people don’t think about it because they don’t see it everyday. Most people are only thinking about themselves and what they want, but these children need us to act.

Thank you for helping us get money and listening to me."

Please help us with this project and help O.U.R in the fight against Human & Child Trafficking by donating something today!

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Mar 30, 2020
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Mar 14, 2020
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Kids Standing Up For Kids

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