Kodiak Pest & Lawn's Fundraiser

Kodiak Pest & Lawn's Fundraiser

When I first heard of #OURrescue and of Tim Ballard's story about rescuing the children in Haiti I wanted to do something to help. I've been donating to Operation Underground Railroad for a few years now and I've just felt the need to try to do more. I'm in the pest control business and to me, there is no pest that I would like to help eradicate more than those participating in child sex trafficking. So I'm using my business to spearhead what I hope will become an annual event in the Big Horn Basin. The Hyart Theater in Lovell has been kind enough to host our fundraising event where we will raffle off various goods and services donated by local businesses. I believe that small communities of good-hearted people can do extraordinary things. There is no greater cause than freeing the most vulnerable among us from the bonds of the most deplorable of the earth. I am so happy that there is an organization doing all they can to #EndHumanTrafficking, free children from their captures, and provide aftercare. I am excited to #RiseUp and #JoinTheFight by doing all we can to raise awareness and money to help Tim Ballard and his team of skilled operators working with law enforcement, governments, and other good people to put an end to this global infestation. If you're in the Big Horn Basin and wish to participate, please join us on February 24th, 2022, and #RiseUpForChildren. No effort is wasted in so great a cause.

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