Marge's Birthday Wish

Marge's Birthday Wish

I am a blessed child of God, entering my 63rd year on this earth. I have was raised in a loving home, always feeling secure and safe from harm. Now a grandma, I have been horrified to hear of the increase in child pornography and human trafficking. For a while now, if I wake up in the late hours of the night, my heart opens at once in prayer, in prayer for children who are being abused in all parts of our world, every second of every day and night, in great part due to our "freedoms!" to access videos of these heinous crimes and perpetuate this vile trade.

My wish, my prayer, is for some day to have this crime abolished from our world. This is my small part to help the cause.

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margaret wilcox
Feb 4, 2020
Michigan, United States


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margaret wilcox


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