Megan Frump's Fundraiser

Megan Frump's Fundraiser

Did you know, there are 2 MILLION children, being trafficked for sex and every 30 seconds a child is being rapped!?

Now, put your child’s face, your grandchild’s face, your niece, your nephews face on 1 of those 2 Million Children! Does it change the way you think?

O.U.R. Is saving children from these evil monsters, and the locking up the bad guys and bad women, and throwing away the keys...! You might say, there are too many, how can I possibly help? Well, you help one at a time.

Because I can do SOMETHING, doing nothing isn’t an option. Will you help with SOMETHING TODAY. Think about the holidays coming... can you imagine not having your child, grandchild, or child you know, celebrating with you? Just because I’m your world we don’t see the kidnappings doesn’t mean they aren’t happening! Please give something!

I am trying to raise the full full amount of $1000.00 by my brother Jesse’s birthday...

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Megan Frump


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