MGIS Fights Human Trafficking

MGIS Fights Human Trafficking

MGIS has already made a sizable separate donation, but we want to give our employees the opportunity to get involved in this important human rights movement. Let's put an end to human trafficking.

Operation Undergound Railroad has already made huge strides towards ending modern day slavery, but the war rages on. Let's put our support behind them. MGIS will match employee contributions up to our goal amount.

Together, we are stronger!

Honor Roll


Nov 10, 2020
Colorado, United States


Oct 30, 2020
Utah, United States


Glenna Lasater
Oct 30, 2020
Utah, United States


Andrew Davison
Oct 13, 2020
Utah, United States


Megan Seely
Oct 7, 2020
Utah, United States


Jon Rasmussen
Oct 6, 2020
Utah, United States


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